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For those of you new to Skyline Swimming, here is some important information about how our team works. We have a great tradition at Skyline of both athletic and academic achievement on the swim team. Our team last season had almost 90 athletes and we won both the Mens and Womens 4A State Championships. Our head coach Joe Pereira has received the National High School Swimming Coach of the Year award as well as numerous other recognitions. This should be another great season. We anticipate holding our parent meeting on September 15 (tentative date) in the Skyline library at 7pm.

The high school season runs from October 3 to February 11 (state championship). Before the season if kids wants to swim in the afternoons at Skyline, they can participate with the Eagle Aquatic Team, the USA Swimming club swim team at Skyline. Coach Joe is head coach of both EAT and Skyline high school team. There is a cost to swim with EAT outside of the high school season, but once the high school season starts, there is no fee. EAT will resume afternoon practices on August 29 when the Skyline pool is anticipated to reopen from annual maintenance.

Swimming is a no-cut sport. This means that as long as students come to the required amount of practices and are academically eligible they can swim in meets. If they don’t attend enough practices, they won’t compete. Practices are held before school and during first period and then after school as well. There is a girls morning (A day) and boys morning (B day). If your swimmer wants class credit they need to enroll in the first period swim class. The class runs all year long. They start at 6:15am and then are done and ready to go to second period. Otherwise they will have to swim before school and after school to get enough practice minutes in to qualify to swim in the meets. During the season afternoon practices are held MWF for varsity and TTH for JV, from 2:30-4:30pm. 

“Tryouts” will be held Monday, October 3 at 2:30pm. This determines which swimmers will on the Varsity team, but everyone who plans to swim must participate in tryouts. The Varsity team is generally limited to 24 swimmers, to maximize the practice effectiveness and use of the equipment at the pool. This means JV practice can feel a little crowded, but the morning practices are better.

9th graders can swim with the high school team. If they want to enroll for class credit, they have to dual enroll at Wasatch or Churchill and then at Skyline. Churchill is easier because they are on the block schedule. Tell the counselor they are swimming at Skyline and which period (1A or 1B) they need. The counselor then will release them from that period at Churchill and you can register them at Skyline by going into the registrar which is in the counseling center. In the past parents have set up a carpool to get swimmers from Skyline back to churchill for 2nd period, but that is completely optional. Wasatch is a little more complicated because they are on the 7 period day. Generally ninth graders at Wasatch enroll for swimming at Skyline and don’t have a first period at Wasatch. That means every other day you take them to Skyline at 6am and then they walk to Wasatch with the other 9th graders after practice to get there by second period. The other day they sleep in (or whatever) and appear at Wasatch for the start of 2nd period. Then at the end of the school day, the students walk or get a ride from parents back to Skyline to get in the water by 3pm. Practice will have started already, but they get in as quickly as they can.

Meets begin in November and run thru January. The JV and varsity region championships will be held the last week of January, and the state championship will be held February 10-11.

We have an active booster club and welcome all parents to participate. Parents are expected to help with timing at meets and with other volunteer opportunities, like bringing food to various activities.

All of this information is subject to change — this is how things have been done in the past and we don’t anticipate any major changes, but this at least gives you an idea of how things have worked previously.

Karianne Prince, President, SHS Swim Team Booster Club


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